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Female submissions only. Any male that submits WILL be blocked, and reported if the image is especially inappropriate.

* NO genitalia.
* MUST be 18+
* If you want credit, add it yourself.
* Any caption other than url will be deleted.
* Log out to be anonymous.
* FACE submissions here:

If you’re submitting for a promo, don’t bother. This is a blog where you submit photos to gain confidence about your body, do not take advantage of my generosity or i may turn submit off all together. If you click all of the tags I will either delete the submission or all of the tags.

The only photos that will be deleted are the ones that don’t follow these guidelines, poor quality ones and ones that are obviously fake.

One last important thing, I can delete your submission after I’ve posted it if you send me a link. However, this doesn’t mean it’s completely disappeared from the internet. Please be sure about what you’re doing before you submit.

Thank you for reading.